Leonardite Powder and Granulate

Leonardite is registered as a feed material in the animal feed catalogue under number 13.10.2. Leonardite is a naturally formed oxidised lignite deposit, which consists of prehistoric dead organic material. This lignite deposit is often found very close to the surface of the soil and is black (dark) in colour.

Leonardite consists of different components, such as humate, humic acids and fulvic acids. These components have different functions in the body and therefore improve overall digestion which improves the manure consistency. Improved digestion will help an animal to feel better, which reduces ear and tail biting.

Leonardite is a natural deposit formed by prehistoric plant material which is broken down into humic acids (humic and fulvic acids). These humic acids have a very positive influence on the development of soil life which results in making nutrients (including phosphates) from the soil more available to the plant. Leonardite also has a high CEC complex, which ensures that nutrients remain available in the soil for longer, and less nitrogen leaching will occur. When applied to the soil, Leonardite has a significantly positive effect on a plant's root formation, allowing the plant to absorb more moisture and nutrients.
Leonardite is insoluble, but treating this with potassium sulphate results in a soluble product (potassium humate), which can be sprayed on the crops in order to boost plant growth.

Leonardite is SKAL certified.

Moisture binding++
Ion exchanger +++
Soil improver +++
Nutrient supplier++

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